Menominee Department of Transit Services

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MDOTS Mission Statement

To provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation services to our customers so that they can access opportunities for employment, health care, recreation, and public services in a professional environment while sustaining the mission, vision and value of the Menominee People.


The mission of the Omaeqnomenaewak (People of the Wild Rice) is to promote, protect, and preserve our rights, resources, and culture by utilizing responsible leadership and judicious exercise of our sovereign powers.


We envision the Omaeqnomenaewak (People of the Wild Rice) as a strong, healthy, and proud nation living in accordance with its culture and beliefs, and possessing the resources necessary to be successful in achieving our goals.


As Omaeqnomenaewak (People of the Wild Rice), we value our children, elders, and each other, preserving our language, tradition, history and culture.

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