Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most asked questions at Menominee Regional Public Transit.

Q.Why do I need to call in advance to be scheduled on a route?
Q.How old can an child be to ride the bus unaccompanied?
Q.What do I do if I left something on the bus?
Q.What can I take on the bus?
Q.Where can I leave feedback?
Q.If I am a senior or disabled, why do I have to walk to a bus stop?
Q.If it is raining, snowing or bad weather, do I still have to be outside at the bus stop?
Q.Why did the bus leave without me?
Q.Why won't the bus wait for me?
Q.Why doesn't the bus stop if I am waving it to stop?
Q.How do I read the time table?
Q.Does bus service stop during bad weather?